Second Chance Body Armor to Replace Bulletproof Vests Containing Zylon

An important body armor maker urges customers to replace over 100,000 bullet-resistant vests due to material degradation


Almost a half of the state troops from Michigan will have to replace their bulletproof vests, as Second Chance Body Armor, their provider, had announced they contain a material which may rapidly degrade.

Over 100,000 Tri-Flex, Ultima and Ultimax bullet-resistant vest are about to be replaced, as they contain a fiber called Zylon and might "fail to perform and result in serious injury or death", according to an official statement issued by the company.

Police departments nationwide are urged to replace all Zylon- made bulletproof vests, informed CNN.

Second Chance Body Armor has released its Zylon-based product in 1998, almost 8 years after this special fiber had been introduced in body armor manufacturing. The company might even sue Toboyo Company from Osaka, Japan, which are the Zylon makers.

The Central Lake, Michigan - based company promoted itself as "the nation's largest manufacturer of modern, wearable, concealable body armor", preoccupied with the safety of all customers wearing their products and therefore strongly encourages them "to replace ballistic vests that contain Zylon as quickly as possible".


By    23 Jun 2005, 09:24 GMT