Sex Scandal Will Chop Off Your Things

Hong Kong mafia really hates sex scandals

  Careful with the sexy shots!
Apparently, in Hong Kong sex scandals are really a bad thing. Imagine that. What, people over there don't see sex tapes and compromising naked photos as free publicity stunts? That's very very strange, isn't it? I'm kidding. Actually, the whole thing is much more complicated than that. I was telling you a couple of days ago about a huge sex scandal taking place in Hong Kong at the moment. It involves a local actor, singer and pop icon by the name of Edison Chen and several high-profile female figures, also actresses or singers. The story goes like this: Edison Chen is apparently quite the womanizer, and over the past four or five years, he had a number of secret affairs with the ladies in question. Only trouble was, he also liked to take photos of the women he took to bed... very explicit photos, if you know what I mean.

Apart from being into kinky sex, Chen is also apparently quite an idiot: he stored the compromising photos in his computer, which he sent in for repairs last month. Bad move. As in, disastrously bad. Well, obviously someone stole a few thousand photos from this guy's computer, and the result was that the photos in question slowly started to find their way onto the Internet. You may not think this is much, but in fact it is - in Hong Kong, the entertainment business is a serious money-spinner and the local mafia is also said to be financially involved in it, on quite a large scale. You can pretty much see that the big time Hong Kong mobsters weren't happy with Chen tarnishing the reputations of several of the ladies out there - and they decided to act.

"It is believed the gangster has a particular interest in one of the women involved in the scandal, as organized crime is widely believed to play a central role in the local film industry", reports an Australian newspaper. As a result, one of the prominent figures of the Hong Kong mafia is said to have offered a $100,000 pay-off to anybody who hacks off one of Chen's hands. "The threat - which is reportedly backed by a HK$500,000 ($100,000) bounty - is being taken so seriously that the landlords of the AIG building in Hong Kong's CBD allegedly withdrew their offer to host Chen's press conference", the same newspaper adds. Well, I think Hollywood should learn a few lessons from this whole affair: start hacking away the hands of the celebrities involved in sex scandals, and see what happens. Now that's an interesting idea.