Sexy Models Display Hairy Bodies

Famous people are ready to root for almost anything!

Two celebrity beauties have found a good cause to give their support to: that of women who are sick of their partners' sticky and prickling faces. Kelly Monaco and Brooke Burke, both known for their modeling and television careers, have joined forces with the NoScruf organization in a protest against all unshaven men.

The crowd of hairy women marched the streets of New York and made a long stop in front of Manhattan Mall, wearing banners that said 'We won't shave until you do'.

The name of the organization stands for 'National Organization of Social Crusaders Repulsed by Unshaven Faces' and was founded by the model Terry Tarentelli.

It is said to fight against double standards in the contemporary society, namely, it is alright for men to look and to be unkempt and full of facial hair, while women have to permanently maintain a hairless and beautiful appearance.

As a sign of protest, all the women who participated in the march came dressed in sleeveless top and shorts and, of course, with a lot of hair showing.

Maybe they are right. But, if such beautiful women like Monaco and Burke are trying to earn an extra buck by doing other jobs than their own, maybe they should choose their cause more carefully. Standard or no standard, a woman with body hair (and especially on display!) is pretty sickening.