Sharon Stone, Still Flashing Her Vagina

It may be covered up, but you know it's there, waiting

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Sharon Stone is, without a doubt, a prominent figure in the whole pussy flashing business of the 20th century. She is THE one, the woman who with one gesture, one spread of her legs liberated millions and millions of coochies from being imprisoned in tight panties and underneath form-fitting clothes. As she got older, Sharon realized that despite achieving groundbreaking results and being held as a true legend of the vagina-flashing sciences, a change in her flashing arsenal was needed.

So take a look at the appearance she put in at the 13th Annual Make-A-Wish Ball in Miami over the weekend. I don't know for sure whose wish she wanted to fulfill, but she really managed to allow us (again) a pretty good view (tantalizing, yes, I know) of that one part of her that has played a crucial part in the lives of so many men and women. Sharon obviously knows that a tight-fitting choice of outfit and a nice ol' cameltoe to go with it can make a statement just as effectively as going the "direct flash" route.

Admit it, you want that hot body, and you want it badly. No, I'm not being ironic about the "hot" part, Sharon is in her fifties and she still has looks that a 25-year-old would envy. But somehow I have a feeling that this is not about attracting attention onto herself, although I might be wrong - all cinema stars have an underlying, pathological craving for the spotlight. But I did a little research, see, and forayed into the way guys feel about ladies who cover up their vaginas and still manage to flash them. And you know what I discovered? They're not too impressed with the whole cameltoe business either, and somehow seem to think that a lady who uncovers it all (even if they don't actually remove any pieces of clothes) is not the safest bet in the business.

So, congrats to Sharon again and remember, all you potential vagina-flashers out there: it's safe to learn from the best ones in the business, but sometimes you have to also use your brain to do the thinking and not the lower, afore-mentioned part. It always works.

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