Sienna Miller Does Full Frontal Nudity

And a new batch of photos have just been leaked

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Sienna Miller is known for being quite the temperamental...well, not diva but something along those lines. And even though she seems not to have a problem with posing naked, she apparently only wants to do it for the benefit of the movies she shoots. Like that famous (already) "Hippie, Hippie Shake" in which Sienna bares it all as she plays the part of a...well, you guessed it, hippie. But when nude photos of her were leaked and hit the Internet, she was reportedly pretty pissed that there wasn't adequate protection on set to keep the pictures from being taken in the first place.

Sienna even went as far as to threaten the producers that she would not do the rest of her nude scenes for the film - but I'm pretty sure she was just making a big deal out of nothing. It's not the first time we see her stark naked, so I really don't get all the fuss. The first set of photos was taken on an outdoor location at London's Ladbroke Grove, which is overlooked by residential flats. But it seems that Sienna forgets her sorrows easily - or it may be the fact that she has already signed a contract and it would be pretty tough to go against it - because she's back in the nude, and this time it's even more explicit than the last time.

This time, Sienna is (again) fully naked and preparing to enter a small lake. Her hair is loose on her back and she is wearing some pretty interesting jewelry round her neck - but that's about it. Oh, and she could use a fresh shaving, and no, I don't mean under her armpits. And in case you haven't had enough of seeing her nude, take a look at some pictures that depict her full-frontally completely naked. And this can only mean one thing - that we definitely have to see this movie of hers, in case there are more goodies hidden in there.

In the meantime (and if you really really haven't had enough of Sienna Miller naked) take a look and feast your eyes on some more shots of her - while we wait for the tantrum to come. Enjoy!

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