Simon Cowell and Girlfriend Break Up Over Infidelity

The "American Idol" judge and his TV presenter girlfriend have called it quits over Cowell's anti-marriage stance

  Simon Cowell and Terri Seymour have broken up over issues of infidelity and lack of comittment
Notoriously acrimonious British TV mogul Simon Cowell could be George Clooney's evil twin brother. He's just as rich and has a distinctive "bad boy" allure which, along with the blunt, in-your-face criticism he unleashes over unsuspecting American Idol wannabes, surrounds him with a dark sort of glamor, that also ensures he's never short of lady admirers. Like Clooney, Simon has publicly flaunted his resolution to never get married - however, unlike his American counterpart, he did manage to have a stable, five year long relationship with TV presenter Terri Seymour. Unfortunately, Cowell's relationship bliss seems to have ended, as Seymour and him broke up a few weeks ago.

The National Enquirer claims that Terri, who is 33 years old left Simon, 48, over claims that he had cheated on her - and also because of his definitive refusal to commit to her in any way. The tabloid claims that Terri had hoped Simon would eventually change his mind and decide to marry her eventually - and have children together. However, Cowell made it clear that wasn't going to happen, leaving Terri no choice but to dump him. She is said to have moved out of their mansion and gotten her own house. "The couple's secret split came after several reports that Simon had cheated. In 2006, a British publication reported that he was seeing model and socialite Jasmine Lennard. Then last summer, The Enquirer revealed Terri was rattled by rumors that Simon was fooling around with a woman associated with 'American Idol'," reports the Enquirer.

"Terri felt that if Simon wasn't going to settle down by now, it was never going to happen," a source states. It has been claimed that Cowell was reluctant to let Terri go and wants her back, however, he has declared himself unwilling to break his principles and consider marriage and long-term commitment. Simon has been extremely outspoken about not being interested in building a family, while his former girlfriend made it clear that she really wanted children and was not going to wait around forever for him to change his mind. However, given that the couple managed to keep their separation low-profile so far, stay tuned for any fresh news or official statement acknowledging their split.


By    18 Apr 2008, 14:16 GMT