Sophia Loren Sizzles in the New Pirelli Calendar

72 and posing semi-naked was not a problem for the legendary actress

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When the Pope was asked whom he would allow the scientists to clone, he did not hesitate at all before saying Sophia Loren's name. The veteran Sophia has managed to maintain her charms all through this time and despite her age (she's 72!) and her beauty got the ultimate accolade when she was asked to pose for the famous Pirelli calendar.

Said calendar was first published in 1964 and a new edition comes out every year, featuring famous actresses from as many countries as possible, in erotic photos. However, not one single issue of it is sold, but distributed to some 40,000 VIPs, including actors, politicians and top customers.

This year's edition finally came out and, contrary to what was initially reported, Sophia is not naked. The actress appears on one of the 26 pages, semi-naked, or dressed in a tiny negligee (it depends on how you look at it), half covered with a white sheet. The photo is breathtaking and she is fully aware of the sexuality that she emanates.

But things were not easy from the start, because she didn't know what the photographers had in mind for her. 'I didn't think they would ask me such a thing. I started to laugh a lot, I found it ridiculous, I was a little bit afraid, I asked a lot of questions, then thought, what the hell, I am going to do it anyway. When you start to feel good, you give it everything you've got.', Loren said at the launch of the calendar.

At the same ceremony, the actress also announced that she won't even consider plastic surgery before turning 100, which is good, given that recently she was named the world's most naturally beautiful person.

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