Steve-O Kisses Co-Star's Penis but Is Not Gay

No sacrifice is too big for 'Jackass'

The ultimate addict to media attention must be, by the look of things, Jackass-er Steve-O, real name Stephen Glover. Although his great movie premiered in the US almost two months ago, the daredevil just can't stop talking about it, probably in the hope that his shocking interviews will boost DVD sales.

Anyway, after pissing on the red carpet on the opening night of 'Jackass: Number Two' and leaving his penis (print) in a block of cement outside a Hollywood theater, Steve-O decided to fight off the inexistent allegations that he might be gay. That is to say, he talks again about being a jackass and brags about the many 'ladies' he gets to bed.

When asked by a reporter from 'More' Magazine which is his craziest stunt to date, Steve-O did not hesitate to say that it must be the time he kissed one of his co-star's wiener. 'The naughtiest thing I've ever done is kissed the head of Chris Pontius' penis one time', he explained.

However, the last thing that he would want people to believe is that he's gay. Kissing a guy on the penis doesn't make one gay, Steve-O says: 'But that was just for the cameras. It's not really gay if your mates are filming it'. And to drive home his point, he goes on to brag about his lover skills and how it doesn't take him more than a minute to fully satisfy a woman (meaning, 'Jackass' groupie).

'I do hook up with "Jackass" groupies. I try to get laid as much as possible but I don't think I've done better than two in a day. [...] A lot can happen in a minute', he said, bragging about how all the ladies just love his luvin'. Well, we'll have to take his word on that, won't we?