Stop the Presses: A Beyonce Vagina Slip!

I have no idea what to feel except that, well... I still hope it is an one-off event

  Um... hello, Beyonce's coochie...
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I'm starting to think this is some kind of weird conspiracy. I totally mean it - and I have a feeling we haven't seen the end of it yet. The art of vagina flashing has just reached new heights this weekend, with yet another A-lister joining the ranks of the ladies who feel compelled to show us that they, too, are human and that they possess all the characteristics of female perfection - and when I say that, I totally mean the boobs and the vagina. The funny part about Beyonce - because yes, that's who I'm talking about here, in case you haven't recognized the gold-trimmed coochie in the uber-tight stage suit - is that she's taking it one step at a time.

Remember about two or three months ago, at a concert in Toronto, the R&B diva with the voice that will break any and all speaker systems in the world had a similar issue - that is, was betrayed by yet another golden outfit, which tore and exposed her boobs to the world. And yes, it was very funny indeed - well not the boob slip as such, that was actually quite cool - but Beyonce basically begging her fans not to put the footage of the close encounter (we're still talking about her breasts, in case you were wondering) on the Internet. Which is exactly what happened - and let me tell you, there were millions of people around the world who were forever thankful for the wonders of modern communication.

Well, now we're finally face to face with Beyonce's coochie - and I totally bet she's going to call this a wardrobe malfunction, too - trouble is, if you'll look closely (well, as closely as you can) you'll see that she is in fact NOT wearing panties underneath all the gold and the fishnets and all that - so I don't think it qualifies as a malfunction. In fact, it qualifies as a vagina flash - and that's that. Beyonce forgot to stop by the underwear drawer and, just like her more famous (in the vagina flashing department, that is) fellow singers Britney and Ashanti, decided to let the world see...well, just what you're probably looking at now. But let it be known that we actually know Beyonce is no Paris Hilton. She's just a singer with too much enthusiasm and stage dynamics. And a vagina - but that's not that special, right? More than half the world population has one of those, too.

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By Monica Gaza    11 Dec 2007, 08:08 GMT