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Well, well! Another day, another home made porn tape, this time, Dustin Diamond's. Honestly, I didn't have the guts to watch it... the photos were more than enough. The point is that the washed-up comedian/actor (using the terms loosely again) is already on his way up from Z-list celebrity to S-celebrity (Sanchez, that is, Dirty Sanchez).

The rumored sex tape 'Saved By the Smell' (oh, the humor this guy has!) is finally out on the Internet and anyone can see what goes through that little head of his. But it should come as no surprise that he did it especially for the money because, well, he's a broke dude.

Not long ago, when the word got out that even Screech has a sex tape (what, Paris can and he can't? Unheard of!), people were waiting to see whether he would go down the same road as the heiress, saying that he didn't have a sex tape, that he doesn't like being filmed while he's boning some girl and other stuff like that.

Instead, the actor we once loved (but no more), embraced what was coming to him and congratulated the man who got his hands on the footage and later on sold it, the Sultan of Sleaze, Hans Schmidt. 'I tip my hat to the guy... if someone has a tape out there, they gotta watch out 'cuz chances are he's gonna get a hold of it... the Sultan of Sleaze has done it again and I got caught with my hand in the cookie jar. I thought, I can spend a fortune fighting this or I can try and make a fortune. Let's just say, if I were a small man, it would be worse', he said during an interview, days after the existence of the tape was made public.

So, he just went on with his plan and encouraged the release of 'Saved By the Smell' and will probably make a lot of money from it. Either way, his career got an amazing boost from it, as he already made an appearance on Letterman and probably more of these will come in the near future, maybe even a reality show of his own. And all it took was for him to wipe his feces-leaden finger under a woman's nose...

So, if you're interested HERE are a couple of snapshots from Diamond's sex tape (WARNING: gross and nsfw) and HERE, HERE, HERE, HERE and HERE is where you can download it (there are five parts). I'm not going to say enjoy...

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