Teacher Giving Head to Pupil Caught on Tape

Rebecca Poole, prosecuted for having sex with a teenager and abuse of trust

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Although having sex with a hot young teacher can be any teenage boy's fantasy, things can and do turn into a nightmare when your mother finds a sex film on your cell phone and goes to the police with it. The same thing happened for the drama teacher Rebecca Poole, from Birmingham, who allegedly sustained sexual intercourse and engaged in different sexual acts with one of her pupils, aged 15.

As thing evolved from 'flirty, to friendly, to touchy, then to sexual', says the prosecutor, the boy thought of taping one of their encounters in the teacher's car, most probably to have something to brag about to the other boys. In the footage shot with his cell phone, Poole, a married woman, is giving the teenager 'a blow job', court papers state.

The boy's mother suspected that something was up with her son as he was behaving out of the ordinary and thought of going through his cell phone, just in case. It was in this way that she came across the footage and she went straight to the police with it.

Initially, the teacher said that her relationship with the boy was common and that nothing of a more sexual nature had ever taken place between them. When she was confronted with the film, she 'became emotional' and told the police that she was threatened into... well, performing fellatio.

Poole stated that the boy held a screwdriver to her head (but she has no proof for that, especially as no such thing can be seen on the tape) and that she was threatened and extorted by the boy. Furthermore, 'she thought his family were involved in drug dealing', the police statement reads. But the prosecution is determined to see the teacher convicted on the three counts of sexual activity with a child and one charge of abuse of trust, all of which are strongly denied by the woman in question.

'This relationship went far beyond anything that could be reasonably acceptable. In 2005, it was clear that something was developing between them. Between July and September, the relationship developed into something tangible, physical and sexual. They would meet for moments together, usually in a layby in Rebecca Poole's car. This happened about six times. They would have sex in the car. [...] If the boy wanted £20 for new trainers she would help him out', the prosecutor's side of the story goes.

At the moment, the trial is continuing and no specific date has been estimated for the final hearing. Keep your eyes on this space for more details.

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