The Cheeky Girls Go Naked

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I have no idea if I'm supposed to laugh or cry at this - in any case, whatever I choose please don't think it's a display of affection, endearment or approval. The Cheeky Girls - I think all of us know who they are, unfortunately, so I don't have to go into any more details right now - seem to have hit an all-time low this weekend, and as much as this gives me nightmares, I feel compelled to expose their latest endeavor to you and let you be the judges. Just... brace yourselves. It's not a good thing to see on a full stomach unless you're very keen to throw up pretty much everything you were foolish enough to ingest. In any case, expect nudity, bad taste and plenty of vulgarity. In the end, isn't that what the Cheeky Girls are about?

Well, it would seem that someone in their entourage (I guess that, being the internationally acclaimed stars that they are, they do have an entourage, pretty much like every Hollywood star) really hates their guts, because they came up with a very interesting idea: they thought the girls should pose naked in a highly sexed add to promote Club4Climate - a group that allegedly "aims to use glamorous parties to spread the word about climate change". Now, I have no idea why a photo of two naked women with only ivy leaved covering their nipples and... well, the more private parts should make humanity aware of climate change. I mean, I understand the whole temptation metaphor, the apple, Adam and Eve... but again, I don't see the point of striking such a pose in defense of the Earth's climate. But that's just me being all narrow again...

One more disturbing thing about this photo is that one of the girls - can't tell them apart, the one with her eyes open anyway - is looking at her sister in a very sexually aware... almost longing way. Is climate change causing identical twins to start incestuous relationships? Is this the underlying message? Someone better explain, because if this is the case, I'm sure there will be a lot of very concerned twins out there demanding to know more about this. If not, then someone please call these two and ask what it's all about, because frankly I feel like my brain is about to explode from all the frustration. I just can't stand not knowing. Anyone else got any thoughts? Please take pity and share them with me. I'll be forever grateful...

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