The Day Vanessa Paradis Was No Longer Hot!

This is the woman who shares such a special place in Johnny Depp's heart

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I know it's not nice to judge people by their appearances but, hey, that's just me! I'm NOT nice, not when it comes to 'Fashion Police' and celebrities on the red carpet. Because, you see, when somebody sees a famous person, they usually expect him/her to be perfect or, if that's not possible, as closer to perfection as possible.

I imagine that happens because: first, they have more money than we could make in a lifetime so they have free access to the latest wonders of technology and second, because they are supposed to look good because their existence depends on it. That isn't to say that all celebrities are hot and gorgeous, because that would suppose implying that beauty means the same to all of us.

There are some who consider Angelina Jolie beautiful, and others who think Nicole Kidman is the ultimate symbol of what gorgeous looks like. To me, they are both stunning, but in totally different ways. I can say the same for Renee Zellweger or Cate Blanchett, because what it actually boils down to is taste.

Vanessa Paradis was for a long time considered as one of the most beautiful girls on the planet. She also had that special, mysterious, quietly French way about her, so I guess it's no wonder she managed to snatch one of the most handsome men that ever walked the Hollywood streets, Johnny Depp (see, I also consider him gorgeous). The two share a very special love, that has lasted for the past eight years and which resulted in two children.

Usually, they don't get out that much together. If it's not for some of Johnny's movie premieres or events that they are invited to do together, the media rarely has an opportunity to see them side by side. Now, I can only wish that would have remained the case on Wednesday, when the singer attended fashion week in Paris.

I will not pick on her for coming to such a posh event wearing almost no make-up. If others did it, that didn't mean she had to do it, too. On the other hand, I'm not so sure about those teeth of hers! I mean, we always knew that she was gap-toothed but I don't think that's an excuse for not brushing your teeth... at all!

Doesn't she have enough money to, like, go and see a dentist? How much coffee and how many smokes can do that to a person in such a short period of time? Really, does she kiss Johnny with that mouth? Look what I just did, I'm never watching 'Pirates of the Caribbean' again!

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