The Diablo Cody Naked Pictures Mock-Scandal

It's another one, people!

  For a former stripper, these are positively tame
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I have a feeling that the celebrity world (and by that I mean celebrities and fans alike) is irreversibly addicted to naked photo scandals. Not that there's anything wrong with a little gossip on the side every now and then, just to spice things up and add some flavor, you know - but I really think we all came to that stage in which we're searching for the hot scandal ourselves, and therefore tend to make a big deal even when the hotness factor is through the floor. Given the amount of fame-whoring we're also exposed to every day, I admit I'm a bit surprised I still fall for the "oh, look, (s)he really is naked" stunt - but it's a fact: we love our celebrities naked from time to time, and risk overdoing it a little on that account.

The "scandal" I'm talking about now concerns Diablo Cody, the mind behind the hit teenage pregnancy movie "Juno" and the triumphant and proud winner of an Academy Award for best screenwriting. Cody is not what you'd call your run of the mill writer - that much became obvious when she made no secret of the fact that she used to worked as a stripper in Minneapolis. From stripping to winning an Oscar - now that's what I call the American dream fulfilled. Well, it didn't take long after her triumphant win and we're now hit with a bunch of "scandalous" Diablo Cody photos. Which, as you can see for yourselves, involve a couple of topless shots and nothing more scandalous than that. But hey, it's an Oscar-winning writer we're talking about, right? Oh, the shame! Kidding.

Even more of a turn-off (from the sensationalist side, I mean) is the fact that Cody posted on her personal blog and admitted (in her own, slightly twisted and quirky way) that she put the photos online herself years ago. "Hey! Did you guys hear about the "nude" (except not really) pics I voluntarily posted on the Internet myself? What a tantalizing "scoop!" Seriously, I thought nudity was only a scandal if the photos were leaked by some crumb-bum rat or vengeful ex. I personally put my vag out there with pride, ladies and gents. And you bet your a*s I'd do it again [...]. As I've said in the past, they can dress me up, they can give me awards, they can coach me on the right responses, and they can sand the callouses off my giant f*****g feet, but I will always be me. And I will never be ashamed", she said. Good girl. Does that mean the "scandal" is over? I sure hope so.

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