The Hottest Ass in Hollywood Is on Vacation

Jessica Biel and the thing that made her an A-lister go to the beach

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The former 'Seventh Heaven' alum and 'Blade' kickass is now officially the best ass in all Hollywood. Don't get too upset over this (in case you had other candidates up for the title) because it's not me the one who says it: she was given the title by 'Access Hollywood' during the red carpet ceremony at the Golden Globes. I cannot but agree...

Jessica Biel is among the actresses with the most remarkable ascendant trend in what respects popularity and media coverage in 2006. By the looks of things and granted she keeps going at the beach for some well-deserved R&R, she will stay that way in 2007, too. You might wonder now what it was that made her such a favorite with the tabloids and the celebrity magazines/blogs?

Well, suffice it to say that you're looking at it right now: Jessica has the nicest toosh in showbiz. True, she works out a lot, which led her to have a somewhat manly frame and arms, but she can easily hide that with the right clothes. As long as she keeps on 'promoting' her butt (with pics like this and with photo shoots in which she arches her back and pushes her butt backwards), she will remain on the hottest list for a long time from now on.

I just have to say that I wasn't that impressed with Jessica Biel in 'The Illusionist' (I think it was the British accent that actually bumped me when I thought about her performance), although she did get some raving reviews. I say she still has a long way to go and lots of work until she makes it into another special list - that of A-list actresses.

But, as far as her ass goes, she certainly makes my list of hotties. Because I'm sure that most of you feel the same, here's another photo, taken a day before. Let's all just hope that her vacation will be the longest one any man (woman, that is) has ever took. It should last, like, for ever!

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