The Kim Kardashian Sex Tape Greenlit, Release Date Set

Vivid Entertainment announces it will go on with the release of the infamous home made video

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At the beginning of February, all the buzz was about socialite Kim Kardashian and her sex tape of three years ago. Then, she came to burst out bubble: there would be a lawsuit for violation of privacy and an indefinite halt to the release. Oh, the tears that we have cried! Especially as rumor had it that it was her the one who leaked the sex tape because, obviously, she had to win from it, both in what concerns money and popularity.

Let us start from the very beginning: Kim is the daughter of the lawyer who defended O.J Simpson and who also got him off the hook in the highly mediated criminal trial. She is also Paris Hilton's best friend, an aspiring model and a fashion consultant (or something in that direction). A couple of years ago, Kim dated Ray J (Brandy's younger brother and a F-list rapper) and together they 'starred' in a home made sex video. That tape was leaked to a third party, who went to Vivid Entertainment and sold it for the whopping sum of $1 million.

The moment the CEO of Vivid learned that they had the much talked about tape in their hands, he went public with the latest acquisition, put up a special site destined only for the adults and 'dedicated' to Kim and released a press statement to let the world know that the tape exists and would eventually be released on February 28, 2007. He also took the opportunity to congratulate Miss Kardashian for her many Vivid-like characteristics and to express his hope that she wouldn't sue.

Well, that didn't happen. The day the above-mentioned announcement was made, Kim talked to her lawyers, filed a complaint and had the release date of the 'Kim Kardashian Superstar' sex tape on hold, until a judge ruled on whether Vivid had any right to distribute it. On the side, she and representatives from the company met on various occasions to see if they could reach an agreement favorable to both parties.

That didn't happen either, and Steven Hirsch is pissed because he's literally sitting on a gold mine that he can't exploit. Lawsuit be damned, he said today, after yet another successful and frustrating meeting with Kim and her army of attorneys. Therefore, for all you guys, here comes something to brighten up your day: Hirsch also stated that the tape would be released on March 21, even if Kim doesn't agree to it. 'I met with Kim yesterday and unfortunately, we didn't even come close to reaching an agreement. We will now immediately move forward with the release', he said.

From the very start of this sex scandal, Hirsch said that he wouldn't do anything to hurt Kim's reputation. Even more, although he had a legal right to distribute the tape (granted to him by the $1 million he paid to the unnamed third party), he agreed to wait until an understanding was reached. Therefore, we shouldn't be surprised that he's still professing to be one of Kardashian's biggest fans...

'Kim has all of the qualities that we look for in a Vivid Girl. She's both beautiful and well-spoken which is a rare combination. In fact, if she was a Vivid Girl I might have cast her as "Debbie" in our "Debbie Does Dallas...Again" TV series which debuts [Friday] night at 11pm on Showtime', he told TMZ. Yes, say some more...

Kim has already responded to this via her publicist, stating that she will take whatever legal measure is available to stop the tape from hitting stores on March 21. Instead, she came up with another date, more appropriate: it's called Never. It's (porn) war! Stay tuned here for more.

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