The Lindsay Look Sucks Big Time

Someone should have told LiLo's sis that 13 is NOT the new 40

  This is Ali looking like a rather normal teenager
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And there was me thinking this photo depicted some 30 year-old has been trying to look like LiLo's younger sister. You get the irony, right? Younger sister. As in really, really young. What, you thought she was...what, 25 at least? No? Well, actually she's 13 (OK, she'll turn 14 next month but I really doubt that makes too much of a difference). Yes, you heard me right - and just think about all the possibilities that open to her... She can have sex, shoot to international fame, pretend she's still a virgin, then get hooked on drugs, still pretend she's clean and a virgin, than go to rehab...

I was sitting in front of my computer here looking at Ali Lohan and wondering about what will happen to her and where she will be in ten years' time. And I know how you - like me - might be tempted to think she'll go down the same path as Britney and her big sis' Lindsay and so many other "wonder children" who made their debut at an early age, crashed and burned by the time they hit their twenties. And I don't really know if we can see them either as "victims of the system" or as "in charge of their own lives" for the simple reason that...well, things are never as simple as they might look.

Take Ali Lohan. She grew up watching her sister shoot to fame, become filthy rich and then burn her fortune on clothes, cars and a whole lot of partying and drug use. Her parents are divorced and at each other's throats every time they have the chance, her mother is a deluded attention-seeker who thinks she's Oprah and her father is dating a woman about the same age as her sister. Is that a healthy environment in which she can learn about responsibility and stability and grow into a balanced (if famous) adult? I pretty much doubt it.

On the other hand, I don't think Ali would be walking down the yellow brick road to (potential) fame unless she found the prospect attractive. Maybe 10 years ago, I would have argued that a teenager can hardly know what's right and could potentially be taught into believing she wants things she actually doesn't. But nowadays, teenagers are a whole different business, with their mobile phones and social software networks. So maybe in the end it's a bit of both - family influence and a taste for the celeb lifestyle - but just how destructive will it turn out to be? It remains to be seen. Only, still looking at Ali's photo...I pretty much think it won't be a pleasant journey.

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