The Most Beautiful Girl in the World (and Her Nipple)

Bai Ling is all about the boobies

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It's almost a month since Bai made it oh, so proudly, into our very own 'Fashion Police' category. She must have felt that she was missed... I mean her boobs were missed, 'cause we've already established that, no matter when, no matter when, she shows them.

The actress and blogers' favorite subject proved, once again, why she is always the number one chick. She is not so much appreciated for her acting skills or for her vocal abilities (remember when she killed Madonna's 'Like A Virgin'... literally?), as she is for her supernatural powers of flashing the upper part of her body. Because whatever she is wearing, Bai Ling's boobies are always noticeable.

The same happened this Sunday, when she went clubbing in Los Angeles looking like the hot mess that she always is. Bai donned this beautiful white dress with matching belt and necklace, the most absurd boots ever worn by a celebrity (except Mary Kate Olsen and Janet Jackson) and, of course, one breast in full display mode.

I just don't get this woman: just when I was about to praise her for actually wearing something nice (save the boots, which are still the ugliest on the planet), I noticed her breast. It's not even a nipple slip: no, you can totally see her entire boob coming out!

But the funniest thing about Bai is that she's not even shy or sorry for showing off parts of her body that should normally remain covered. Some day, if we're lucky enough, she will step out dressed in nothing. Or maybe just a headscarf wrapped around her belly... for full effect.

I've said this before and I am going to say it again, even with the risk of boring you to death: homegirl is the classiest creature that ever lived. We should all bow to her and, why not?, follow her example.

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