There Is No David Beckham Sex Scandal

Victoria takes the "ignore your troubles" route

  Oh, so Posh... and yet they're not suing mad
In the world of the rich and famous, cheating somehow achieves a whole new dimension. It's not simply a (famous) husband being chronically unfaithful to his (equally or less famous) wife, going for a one night stand or simply being too drunk to actually remember that he bumped uglies with another woman. In the world of celebrities, the moment one of the partners... say, the husband, cheats on his wife and word gets out, it all turns into one big circus. And if the alleged mistress, illicit lover, home wrecker, call her whatever you want, is one foxy lady with little to no brains but with a lot of nerve, it can all turn into a time bomb that will most likely explode in the media in a very public and embarrassing manner.

This little scenario played out for the Beckhams as well. In 2004, the saintly father of four and professional crotch-flasher... I mean, ball player and underwear model David Beckham was accused of having cheated on his skinny fashionista wife Victoria. Rebecca Loos claimed she enjoyed a steamy affair with the soccer stud while she was serving as his PA in Madrid, Spain. She stepped forward gloatingly and reveled in providing the media with all the details of her supposed romance, which she said culminated in a hot night of sex and a very romantic "morning after". Of course, her statements caused a huge scandal at the time, but the strange part is that Rebecca still seems to be riding the wave of her prolonged 15 minutes of fame. Proof? The naughty PA recently launched a (very short-lived) music career and her first single, pointedly called "Your Boyfriend", is about stealing someone else's man.

As I was saying, little to no brains and a lot of nerve. The interesting part however is that even though the Beckhams denounced Rebecca's allegations as "ludicrous" and "absurd", they also decided not to take legal action against her, despite threatening to do just that. "I trust my husband 100 per cent", forever frumpy Victoria says. As far as I'm concerned, there are two possible realities hidden behind her seemingly detached pose: either Golden Balls Becks did cheat on her, in which case she probably swore an oath never to let this transpire into the media (for fear of being humiliated, I'd say), or he didn't and she just thinks her troubles will go away if she just ignores them. "We have children and I wasn't going to go to court and drag up my personal life", the former Spice Girl stated for Vogue. "We have a very nice positive energy around us as a family and if it's not positive and nice, I don't want to know about it", she added. Well, what can I say - good luck with that, but I have a feeling things are not yet over. Stay tuned for the latest news.

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