They Have Sex Scandals in Hong Kong Too...

They're just... a lot bigger than the ones we have here

  The Hong Kong media is all over this scandal
I think that the people who constantly claim that technology is the evil monster that will eventually destroy humanity are in fact right. Think of the Internet, for example. The Internet is a cheap and fast means of spreading all the world's (incurable) moral diseases from one continent to the other with faster than light capability and a lot more efficiency than we'd initially expect. Need proof? Well, how about the whole idea of "celebrity sex tapes", "compromising sexually explicit photos featuring celebrities"... you know, the whole Hollywood mad search for exposure, for the sensational and the scandalous. Apparently, I was wrong to believe the privilege of using sex as a bargaining chip was reserved exclusively for the use of Hollywood actors - as it seems it was successfully exported to Asia, too - Honk Kong, to be more precise - where a huge sex scandal involving several popular local artists is in full rage at the moment.

The fact is, I think that Paris Hilton, Pammy Anderson and Rick Salomon better pay attention - watch and learn, as the saying goes. The facts are as follows: a Honk Kong singer and actor called Edison Chen (gotta love the name) took his Apple laptop in for some repairs - only trouble is, he completely forgot to remove about 1,300 compromising photos from its memory before handing it over and allowing others full access to it. His lapse of memory is even more impressive considering that inside his computer was a huge archive of photos featuring Chen being intimate with... rather a lot of women, at least fourteen of them being female celebrities. The photos (which were supposedly taken somewhere between 2003 and 2005) were allegedly copied from Chen's computer by unknown persons and were progressively leaked onto the Internet, causing a huge scandal that affected many high-profile Hong Kong celebrities.

Oh, Paris and you Pammy and Rick and Tommy and all you other sex tape protagonists out there - what have you done? You've exported the sex tape fashion outside the US and now it's spread and become a true virus! I mean, 1,300 photos? The world is so going to burn to the ground by the end of this week? I mean, this guy certainly wasn't fooling around. His friends allegedly stated that he liked to take photos of his female friends while they were having sex and then show them to a handful of his male friends - so I guess now would be a good time to bring in the "men are pigs" cliché. Which in this case is true, by the way. But nevertheless, does anyone else think this whole story is very strange? Will keep you posted with more news.