Tom Cruise Threatens to Sue Andrew Morton

The stars is angry with Morton's allegations about his homosexuality

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Once again Scientologist Church follower mega star Tom Cruise denies with awkward anger allegations about his homosexuality.

The "say nothing about me being gay or I will sue you" policy was previously used in the last decade of 2005 when the animated tv series South Park aired an episode that mocked both Cruise's sexuality and his religious faith.

Now Cruise and his entourage are "disgusted" by scandal biographer Andrew Morton's take on the star's life story.

Morton hired Paul Baressi, former gay porn star, presently involved in private eye investigations, to search Cruise's life.

The 58 year old Baressi settled in L.A left behind a gay porn career that includes more than 25 movies and currently stirs the waters around the future Morton biography by declaring he has provided the author with proof of the star being involved in a gay sexual encounter while shooting Eyes Wide Shut in London.

Cruise will sue Morton and the New York publishing house St Martin's Press if a letter he wrote to Morton is to be published.

Bert Fields, the star's lawyer spoke in the name of his client:

"I wrote a letter to Mr Morton back in November and said he obviously was entitled to write the book but 'make sure you check your facts. If he tries to use my letter to create the impression that Mr Cruise did have a gay affair, we will certainly sue ... because the story is false.
Mr Cruise is not gay."

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