Tyra Banks Confronts Tyra Banxxx

Banks: "'Did they put my head on someone else's body?"

Supermodel Tyra Banks invited to her new daytime talk show the pornographic movie actress who calls herself Tyra Banxxx.

Banks, 32, confessed she was shocked when she saw the cover of Xtreme magazine, where the fake Tyra posed dressed to look just like her.

As she says: "For a second I was like, 'Did they put my head on someone else's body?' I thought that it really did look like me.
The first thing that went through my head... It wasn't anger, it was more of a curiosity, and an empathy like, 'Where does this girl come from... And what led her to this?'"

During the show, Banxxx, whose real name is Alana, has agreed to renounce to this name, claiming she never intended to offend her heroine.

She confessed to the real Tyra, "Growing up, everyone always said I should be a model and everyone said I looked like you... You're an inspiration to me."

The Tyra Banks Show premiered in fall of 2005 on the U.S. television market. During an episode in the show's first month, Banks underwent a sonogram to prove that her breasts are not fake.


By Mihaela Stroia    5 Oct 2005, 11:24 GMT