Tyra Banks Strips for 'Sports Illustrated the Swimsuit Edition'

No, she's not fat, she's just too full of herself!

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Tyra Banks is just one of those women that never seem to get enough of themselves. OK, we got the point: you were the first black woman to feature on the cover of 'Sports Illustrated', you had a successful career and were one of the most sought-after models a couple of years ago, you were the epitome of black beauty, the public is willing to give you all that. Just stop talking about yourself for a second!

A couple of months ago, the former model (now turned not so successful talk show host) was photographed by the paparazzi looking like a 'beached whale' (yes, this phrase has been used by others before me). It took Tyra almost two months to realize just how hurt she was by all the foul-mouthed comment circulating in the press and to promise to strip again to show that she still has 'it' (whatever that 'it' may be).

Said and done. On her televised show (which, by the way, kinda sucks) Tyra put on the same bathing suit she had worn when the photos were taken and showed them haters that, even if she is no longer a catwalk queen, she still has the body of one. The next phase of her 'public healing process' included, of course, bathing suit photo sessions for one of the most read magazine (no, not 'Playboy') - 'People'.

All this went down in January. If I'm not living in a parallel universe, I suppose we are now towards the end of February and the model still can't stop talking about people calling her once fat. February is also Black History Month, aside from the month when Tyra was most annoying in her entire lifetime. To honor that (and her fabulous appearance in 'Sports Illustrated' - which launched her modeling career), she went and recreated the cover of ten years ago, complete with the same bathing suit (which is obviously a lie), the same photographers... and some new Photoshop.

The second pic is the result: look carefully and you will see that Tyra's body seems to be made of plastic. It's as if it's not even hers to begin with (OK, so the Photoshop was not that new). Either way, she looks great but we all know that this is not her. She is not that skinny and she is not that hot. It may hurt, but Tyra's body is 70% different than the one we get to see on the recreated cover.

As a side note, below are two clips: one of Tyra before the photo shoot, in which she complains about her more fatty areas showing (and where we can also tell how she really looks like) and the other one from her show, where she can't stop talking about herself and how important she has been for all young black women all over the world. Anyone with some sense of reason would not deny that putting a black woman for the first time on the cover of a popular magazine, but to go from that to her being, like, some historic figure in the development of mankind is a long way to go.

To conclude: Tyra Banks is not fat. She is a normal woman, even if a little pudgy, and just too full of herself to know when it's time to stop talking. It's all about 'Me! Me! Me!' with her and many people, who have already put behind the entire 'fat scandal', are kinda sick of it. Watch the clips... they're fun!

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