US Open: Agassi Retires in Tears

The former World No 1 revealed that he was touched by his fellow ATP players applausing him after the 3rd round loss


Andre Agassi retired from tennis. We knew that it would happen as soon as he'll lose at Flushing Meadows. Still, the feeling of regret doesn't seem to disappear. From now on, we'll never get to see Agassi on the tennis court. One of ATP's living legends made an early exit from the US Open and failed to reach his dream of entering Flushing Meadows' 2nd week.

And his surprising winner was German qualifier Benjamin Becker. After spending more than 6 hours on the tennis court in the first 2 rounds, Agassi's back failed on him. He lost the 4-setter 7-5, 6-7, 6-4, 7-5 and it was time for the crowd to come into play. Agassi spent more than half-an-hour on the tennis court after the final point and revealed his strong feelings about it at the press conference.

Moreover, after leaving the court and going into the locker-rooms, Agassi was surprised of seeing all ATP fellows waiting to greet him.

"When I went into the locker room afterwards, they all were standing and applauding me. The greatest applause that any person will ever receive in their life is that which comes from their peers. It's not like we're a company working together to accomplish something. To have them applaud you is the ultimate compliment", admitted Agassi at the press conference.

When referring to the sensational atmosphere on Artur Ashe stadium, he added: "I was sitting there realizing that I was saying goodbye to everybody out there, and they were saying goodbye to me. It's saying goodbye. You know, it's a necessary evil. But we were getting through it together. That felt amazing".