Val Kilmer Washes Up On the Beach

To think that Jim Morrison might have looked like this...

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Back in the days when Kilmer was the hottest man on the planet, Brad Pitt was still an unknown young boy, probably with his face full of acne, trying hard to get a part and make ends meat. Because Val was the man then!

He became famous for his parts in 'The Doors' and 'Batman', but people (and women most of all) loved him because he had such a tight body and hairless pecs. Lately, there were voices who claimed that the once glamorous actor is nothing but a faded star but, somewhere deep inside, it was really hard to believe that something that atrocious could be possible.

Ladies and gentlemen, it is official: Val Kilmer is no longer the hottie he was in his younger years. Sure, old age does that to a man but only beer and junk food can make that belly. The jobless actor is seen here on the beach near his Californian home and the sight itself is too much to comment upon.

An onlooker immediately caught the opportunity and snapped a picture of Kilmer, backing it up with his own impression on the way he looks now: 'There's really nothing like a Hollywood star on the beach - and Val looked really nothing like a Hollywood star on the beach. He had this heaving great belly hanging over his shorts and flabby arms. It just shows you how quickly a man can lose definition in his body when he gets into his 40s and lets himself go a bit'.

Remember this?

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