Van Nistelrooy Mocked the Memory of Ronaldo's Father

The Dutch striker got into a big argument with Cristiano Ronaldo


Ruud Van Nistelrooy is unstoppable. And when I say that, I don't mean the striking form that he may have shown on the football field - even though that's clearly not the case.

On the contrary. After he was one of the main reasons why Man U had to settle for second place in the Premiership, the Dutch lost his common sense.

After some of the Man U staff members revealed what happened to Van Nistelrooy during practice, the English media finally found out why coach Ferguson left him "hanging" before the Charlton game.

Ruud got into a big argument with Portuguese Cristiano Ronaldo. Why? Because Van Nistelrooy lost his temper during practice seeing Ronaldo hanging on to the ball too long before passing. The reaction? "Go talk to your dad". That's what Ruud said to Ronaldo. Nothing wrong till now. But you might feel differently when you hear that Cristiano Ronaldo`s father passed away in September last year. The Portuguese midfielder was very affected by the news then, needing a lot of time to recover and play his best on the field again.

Just to teach him a lesson, Ferguson didn`t even look at Ruud when he named the squad for the Charlton game. Therefore, Ruud packed all of his things and took the next flight to Holland, after he said to Gary Neville: "Good luck with Charlton. I`m off from now on".

Van Nistelrooy was the only player from Man U who didn't receive an invitation to Roy Keane's testimonial this week. Whether this has something to do with the Ronaldo conflict nobody can say. What is certain though, is that Ruud`s days at Man U are coming to an end.

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By    9 May 2006, 12:02 GMT