Victoria Beckham... Naked and Pale?

Looks like the fake tan is a no-show... for a while

  Um... lucky it's black and white
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Anyone else finds this funny? I for one find it hilarious that Victoria Beckham - OK, let me put a bit of emphasis on it - perma-tanned Victoria Beckham, who usually manages to shine with a not-so-healthy deep-orange glow - has become the face of a skin cancer awareness campaign. I mean, don't get me wrong - I'm all for raising awareness and any celebrity that decides to lend a hand is OK in my books - but really, Victoria Beckham would not have been my first choice when it comes to skin protection, and it's useless to ask why. Just have a look at the photo attached to this post, and you'll understand. The Posh-promoting-skin-care mystery is explained the moment we learn that the awareness campaign is the initiative of Victoria's old-time designer pal Marc Jacobs, who decided the best way to warn the world against skin cancer is to put Victoria's naked form on a T-shirt that reads "protect the skin you're in".

I just love myself a little irony here and there. And no, the anti-skin cancer t-shirt for the Interdisciplinary Melanoma Cooperative Group (the beneficiary of Jacobs' and Victoria's little charitable initiative) is not making me laugh. I mean, the initiative is admirable and yes, there's never too much money for cancer research, but I have a feeling putting Posh on the T-shirt is a warning of sorts. Something along the lines of "stay off the artificial tan or you'll end up like her" and by that I mean wearing just about the most horrendous fake tan there is. The only person who would have made an even bigger impact than Posh would have been Lindsay Lohan, but since she's all busy drinking and making a fool of herself, I guess she wasn't available for the photo shoot. Either that or she would have sent people screaming for their lives at the sight of her patchy tan. Kidding. Well, there must be a reason for which they made the T-shirt in black and white...

Just imagine Victoria's naked shape pictured in colors. The very thought of that made me clench. I think it would have been effective - one look at the deep orange glow of her skin and 80% of the tanning salons in Los Angeles would probably have gone out of business in a matter of weeks. Victoria however doesn't seem to find fake tan unusual in any way. "Since we moved to California I have realized how important it is to practice safe sun for myself and to keep my three boys' skin well protected as well. Skin cancer is a huge problem and I really wanted to help raise awareness by taking part in Marc's initiative" she stated. Well, as I was saying, that is an admirable initiative. I suppose we'll see Britney next month joining an awareness group for helping people with bi-polar disorder. Now that would really make a point...

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