Wayne Rooney Punched Michael Gray in a Manchester Bar

The Blackburn defender insulted Wayne's fiancée, Coleen

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Wayne Rooney can't seem to stay out of trouble. The English star is either throwing elbows on the pitch - and receiving a red card afterwards - or punches in restaurants. This time, though, it wasn't his fault, but his opponent's, Michael Gray. The Blackburn defender wanted to show off in a Manchester restaurant, where Rooney was trying to enjoy a quiet night out.

According to Wayne's spokesman and some other witnesses at the scene, Rooney was dining with his fiancée, Coleen McLoughlin, in Panacea Bar and Restaurant. At one point, Gray approached the table and started to make derogatory comments on Coleen.

Now, according to "The Sun" tabloid, a source inside the restaurant gave his own opinion on what happened: "It finally went off when he made the big mistake of suggesting a threesome with Coleen. Wayne whacked him without even getting from his seat. Gray hit the deck and by the time he stopped seeing stars he was removed by bouncers".

As for Wayne's spokesman, things went down pretty much the same, but without any punches thrown around: "Michael came up, uninvited, to their table. He began making a number of remarks offensive to Coleen and other female guests. Wayne several times asked Michael to leave. It was a brief incident. Wayne bears no ill will towards Michael".

Michael Gray and Blakburn manager Mark Hughes did not make any comment on the incident. Still, according to the named source, Hughes allegedly told the media that he is aware of what happened but that his player refuses to comment on that.


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