We're Making This a Coco Holiday (Plus Ass)

The woman just screams style and you can't deny it

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So, if you haven't had enough of Coco and/or her ass, you're in for a treat. While in 'Smooth' Magazine, the former stripper and 'Playboy' Playmate is almost half naked, putting her derrière on full display in nothing but a couple of skimpy bathing suits or just underwear, we now get the chance to see her in all her splendor and with clothes on, too. Gee, the wonder of all wonders!

I'm sorry to say that I haven't done my homework; not today and not the last couple of times I posted pics of Coco looking like a hot mess that she obviously is. See, like, I didn't know that she was 21 years old. Also, I had no idea that her ass was all plastic and stuff.

And here was I, thinking that homegirl was just fat as hell and priding herself with that. Her boobs, too are also made of plastic... but that I guessed! I'm sloppy, but not blind, you know?! So, this new information opened my eyes in what respects Ice T's wife: now, I no longer wonder why she is always dressing up in the most ridiculously tight outfits (with cameltoe, too!) and why she is all the time flaunting her ass to the cameras.

This wonderful creature simply wants to be admired and congratulated on her achievement and that's why she's so proud of her butt. Like a child that she is (IQ-wise, of course), she just wants some attention. And, boy, is she getting that or not?!

In another order of ideas, I must also admit that, no matter the fact that I can't come to terms with Coco's train wreck-like fashion style, she is looking rather normal in these pics. I mean, she matched her shoes with her top and she is wearing that very nice leather bolero (and, guess what?, she even matched that one with Ice T's Steven Segal type of coat).

On the down-side, the white skirt doesn't work for her. I truly believe she should have attended the Pan-Am re-launch party, held in NYC, in her bikini. You should have seen the attention she would have got then... Jeez! Imagine that!

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