Will Superman Pose Naked?

Brandon Routh has been offered $500,000 to pose for 'Playgirl'

'Superman Returns' swept the world and box-offices worldwide, bringing the legend back to life again. Despite rumors that the producers made the toughest superhero ever too soft, the film had a real success and speculations that Superman might be gay this time around proved completely unfounded.

The debutant actor Brandon Routh had his share of the spotlight, too. So much that even one of the world's most read adult magazine wants him on its pages.

'Playgirl' is reported to have offered the dark-eyed hunk half a million dollars to take off his cape and to show what he's been hiding underneath it.

People are already curious to see if the rumor, according to which producers had to retouch all the scenes in which he wore his red tights because too much was showing, is actually true. Sources from inside state that the actor was quite pleased about it, as his impressive 'appendage' soon became almost a legend.

Anyway, it is said in the newspapers that Routh is seriously considering taking up the 'Playgirl' offer but his innate shyness makes him pretty uncomfortable when it comes to nudity.

We might as well add that 'Playgirl' (just like 'Playboy') is a men's magazine. What would that actually mean for Superman, when his sexuality is still a subject of so many controversies?