Wonder Woman Linda Carter Is Principal Powers in Sky High

The ultimate female super hero returns with a part in Disney's latest flick Sky High

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Linda Carter, the beautiful actress who became famous for her Wonder Woman part in the 1970's series, returned to the big screen in a Disney project about a new generation of superheroes.

"She really saved my life in so many ways. I had been happiest on the set during that time in my life… She really was a lifesaver in so many ways for me. And she gave me my career", the acress said about Wonder Woman.

"I figured out very early on in the Wonder Woman saga that she was striking a cord with people. People love to me tell me their stories. And for 30 years, people have been telling me their stories, and I listen," Carter added.

According to Heather Newgen, Carter's stunning beauty and sexy super hero red, white, and blue costume contributed to the height of her popularity, but it was her super powers that made her the greatest woman hero.

Now, the actress plays the authoritative and sophisticated Principal Powers in a film about a teenager whose parents are the best super heroes on the planet, attending a high school where teenagers are judged by their super hero powers they are put into two categories; heroes and sidekicks / hero support.

"She is a comet. She chooses to also be a principal of the high school…And she's controlled and so when she pulls herself out of this comet and into this principal it's just like 'don't mess with me.' But she's kind and she's got knowledge, she has everything going and she's got a sense of humor about herself. She's a great female," the 54-year-old actress said about her character.

"I was the nerd in high school. I was the big, tall girl [with] all the little shrimpy boys. I only had three dates in high school, and it was the same guy. He would ask me [out] for every prom and that was the only time he would ever ask me out. And I've never seen him since," the former Miss USA Linda Carter added.



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