YouTube Will Promote NBC Materials

The partnership will provide both companies with new outlets for growth and opportunity

An agreement was signed by the two companies that will lead to each one benefiting from the media share of the other. In the constant marathon for audience, NBC's fall line-up will be advertised on YouTube and no less than 13 million users will have access to previews of such shows as: Saturday Night Live and The Tonight Show. The joint-marketing deal with NBC means that YouTube will also expand its viewing audience as the network too will promote the site, as part of the analog vs. digital media marketing harmony.

"The YouTube and NBC partnership symbolizes what can happen when traditional media companies and new media companies find common ground," said John Miller, Chief Marketing Officer, NBC Universal Television Group. "YouTube is the perfect online media partner to promote NBC's marquee entertainment to their audience and explore new and creative ways to harness the power of viral video in a manner that respects copyrights. We applaud YouTube for their continued willingness to work with us to remove any unauthorized NBC content and protect our copyrighted material. We are thrilled to be partnering with this forward-thinking company."

"We are delighted to work with NBC on an official basis. Bringing more entertaining and exclusive content to YouTube helps further our goal of providing the best video entertainment experience on the Internet," said Chad Hurley, co-founder and CEO of YouTube. "This partnership provides greater visibility and access to both NBC and YouTube's audiences, providing both companies with new outlets for growth and opportunity."


By    3 Jul 2006, 14:53 GMT