iPod Nano versus Sony Walkman

Here we go again


Immediately after iPod nano, the smallest player, was announced, Sony launched the adversary, Sony WALKMAN, which is packed with features.

A while ago, Sony also announced the Walkman Bean, which is an attempt to reintroduce the Walkman brand on the market. But unfortunately, the new product doesn't come with many new features. If Sony thinks it can dazzle users with a device that can play MP3s, then it has taken the wrong path.

iPod nano comes only to make matter worse for Sony. Apple has quickly understood that products will be differentiated by design and portability. Are you capable of designing a light player whose battery holds out for 14 hours? Then you can venture on the market.

iPod nano is more than a victory, it symbolizes another step in the evolution of MP3 players and Apple, as usual, was the one to make it.


By Alex Andreescu    9 Sep 2005, 14:18 GMT